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Is Joint Pain Interfering With Your Training? And What Can You Do About It?

Many martial artist suffer from joint pain, especially as they get older. Sometimes it due to injuries or wear and tear of our bodies (some of which we can do nothing about). However, sometimes it’s due to structural problems in our bodies, which can be fixed (or at least improved). Continue reading

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Kousaku Yokota’s Interactive Cyber Dojo

Many people do online classes, but these are usually pre-recorded videos.  If you have questions, you have to type them in on your key board and wait on the teacher getting back to you. And if you don’t fully understand … Continue reading

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Karate Bunkai Seminar

The best of kata bunkai from both Wado Ryu Karate and Goju Ryu Karate Continue reading

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Do Our Training Methods Damage Our Bodies?

It is often said that training in Karate (and other martial arts) is good for our health. But is it? Can some methods be bad for our bodies?
Well some training methods can be bad, so it is wise to look around before deciding on who to train with. Find out more. Continue reading

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Martial Arts: Fighting Spirit Vs Technique

It is often debated in martial arts circles what is most important, pure technique or developing a fierce fighting spirit? My answer is that it depends on what stage of your training you’re at. Find out more . . . . . Continue reading

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