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Injuries – What A Pain: By Russell Stutely

As we get older our bodies tend to lose flexibility, stamina and out natural youthful athleticism. Russell Stutely looks at the effects of “heavy sparring” on our bodies, the injuries it leaves and whether or not it is really necessary to achieve our goals in martial arts anyway. Continue reading

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How Exactly Is Fighting More Mental Than Physical?

It has been said for centuries that fighting is more mental than physical. How can this be?
Find out one explanation. Continue reading

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Shaolin Warriors: European Tour

Shaolin Warriors tour Britain and parts of Europe. Find out more about their backround which the brochures won’t tell you. Continue reading

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What Does An Ore, A Handbag & Half A Brick Have In Common?

It used to be a Karate tradition to use everyday implements as weapons . . . . . why don’t we still do that today? Continue reading

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