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Martial Arts & Psycho Cybernetics: Train For A Crisis

Psycho Cybernetics is a fascinating self development book which has a lot to teach martial artists. One chapter looks at preparing for a crisis. Violent assault is a crisis, so what can this book teach us about how to prepare for it. Continue reading

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10 FREE iTune App Downloads To Give Away: Practical Karate – Realistic Street Bunkai

As a promotion for a new iTune App, Apple are giving away 10 promotional codes so that the first 10 people who apply can get a FREE download. Find out more. Continue reading

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Women’s Self Protection: Primal Instincts

Women’s social conditioning does not do them any favours when it comes to self protection. However, if they can overcome that conditioning, many woud be amazed at what women are actually capable of. Continue reading

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Keeping a Beginner’s Mind

A brilliant insight into mindset of a martial artist (my Sensei and Tai Chi teacher) and what we should strive for. Continue reading

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Natural Breathing In Karate (And Other Martial Arts)

For self defense it helps if you can move naturally and nothing is more natural than breathing. However, for years many Karateka have not really breathed properly, creating tension, wasting energy and generally slowing themselves down.
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