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Hiki-te Bunkai

Hikite (pull back hand) is probably the most practiced movement in Karate, TaeKwonDo and many styles of Kung Fu. Yet most people don’t see it as having any practical application other than making the striking/blocking hand more powerful. It is actually a very usefull technique in its own right. See the video and make up your own mind. Continue reading

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The Russell Stutely Interview

Interview with world reknowned martial artist and pressure point fighting expert, Russell Stutely. Continue reading

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Karate Bunkai Course: Practical Shotokan, Beginner To Black Belt

Karate bunkai course looking at techniques and principles of Shotokan Karate and applying them to strikes, kicks, locks, takedowns, throws etc. Continue reading

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Kata Bunkai From Gojushiho Sho Kata Course

Here are some examples of realistic kata bunkai from the Kata Gojushiho Sho Continue reading

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Pre-Emptive Strike: Modern Reality Based Training Or Traditional Karate

Modern masters of reality based training advocate the “pre-emptive strike”. Is this something new, or has it been hidden away in Karate all this time? Continue reading

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