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Kevin O’Hagan Seminar: How To Develop Short Range Knockout Power

Kevin O’Hagan seminar on Short Range Knockout Power – Not to be missed. Continue reading

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Gojushiho Sho Bunkai Course

A few examples of bunkai from a recent kata course focusing on Gojushiho Sho. Continue reading

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Tai Chi: For Advanced Martial Artists

Tai Chi must be the most misunderstood of all the martial arts, yet it is regards by many as being the most advanced form of martial art. How can a form that practices primarily with slow movements really be used for combat?
Find out. Continue reading

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The Martial Arts Paradox: By Russell Stutely

A note from Russell Stutely about learning and actually understanding kata bunkai Continue reading

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What is Stav?

An introduction to the rare Noregian martial and philosophy of Stav! Continue reading

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