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The Humble “Yoi”

In traditional martial arts, even the ready position can be used to neutralise an opponent before a fight really gets going. Continue reading

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Kevin O’Hagan’s Teaching Diploma

For any serious martial artist: Kevin O’Hagan’s masterclass. Continue reading

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Kata: Training Beyond Technique

A lot is discussed these days about martial arts kata (patterns/forms) and their applications (bunkai). However, there is not so much spoken about mindset of performing a kata, which is some ways is even more important. Find out more. Continue reading

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Paul Loughlin’s Child Bullying Self Defence Seminar, & Adults Edged Weapons Seminar

Paul Loughlin, Self Defence Instructor will be teaching this coming Sunday. Check it out. Continue reading

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Blog Action Day 2010

I hope you’ll forgive me, but today’s posting is nothing at all to do with bunkai.  It is about Blog Action Day 2010, and this years theme is . . . . water. Why do I mention it on a … Continue reading

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