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The Humble “Yoi”

In traditional martial arts, even the ready position can be used to neutralise an opponent before a fight really gets going. Continue reading

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Kevin O’Hagan’s Teaching Diploma

For any serious martial artist: Kevin O’Hagan’s masterclass. Continue reading

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Kata: Training Beyond Technique

A lot is discussed these days about martial arts kata (patterns/forms) and their applications (bunkai). However, there is not so much spoken about mindset of performing a kata, which is some ways is even more important. Find out more. Continue reading

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Paul Loughlin’s Child Bullying Self Defence Seminar, & Adults Edged Weapons Seminar

Paul Loughlin, Self Defence Instructor will be teaching this coming Sunday. Check it out. Continue reading

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News Update

First of all, we have a new Newsletter which you can sign up to.  Just fill in your name and email address and click the “Join the Newsletter” button.  Your details will be kept in strict privacy and not shared … Continue reading

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